How much does it cost to join the Mississauga Writers Group?

It is absolutely free to join and participate in meetings. Just bring your brain and ideas to the meetings… you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people!

Do I need to be a published author to join?

Not at all! We welcome writers of all experience levels and backgrounds.

We have aspiring writers, writers with English as their second language, writers who are on the first draft of their masterpiece, newly published authors and authors who have been at it for awhile.

What is the structure of the monthly meeting?

We have a fairly loose structure for meetings in order to allow vibrant conversations happen with the group. We typically have writing prompts, news about the industry and discussions on how we can become better writers.

What sort of writers are in the group? Can poets or screenwriters join?

We have a wide variety of writers who attend the Mississauga Writers Group.

We have fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, screenwriters, playwrights, artists and everything in-between. If it has anything to do with writing, chances are you’ll find some sort of commonality with someone in the group.

Do I need to live or work in Mississauga to join?

Mississauga Writers Group is open to everyone: residents and non-residents.

English isn't my first language... can I still join?

Our group is extremely diverse and many people are accomplished authors in their native language. We have writers who have written incredibly beautiful pieces in French, Romanian, Hindi and Urdu.

We welcome all languages!

What is the anthology? How do I submit to it?

Our annual anthology, Word Fest, is a collection of prose and poems from members of the Mississauga Writers Group.

Please get in touch with us at our monthly meetings to find out how you can submit to the anthology and the costs associated with its printing.