MWG Magazine – Summer 2022

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July is here and so many things have changed in the world. We are still dealing with the Ukraine and Afghanistan wars and destruction and killings. Every day, more is being reported and I wonder when this will all stop. War doesn’t solve anything but I guess the world hasn’t learned that yet.

Submissions are coming in for our contests and for our anthology. We have had some very interesting submissions for the racism/sexism theme. It is amazing when we realize all of us has had to deal with such issues. It is like a war on a personal level.

Mark is doing an amazing job on our ezine. It is growing all the time. We have been offered an opportunity which I will speak more about in our next ezine. Life and times are constantly growing for all of us so let us enjoy the doors opening up. The more we learn to do that, the more we change and grow with it. As always, our ezine is definitely growing and it shows. Thank you all for your submissions.

Elizabeth Banfalvi


Mississauga Writers Group

July 2022