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MWG Magazine – Summer 2021

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There is a newness in the air. Nature has a way of giving us what we need even if we don’t think we need it.

Our year has been full of different things and our group has been learning to write and submit more as we go along. The e-zine is here to help us publish our writings and see our name in print. What is better than that? Not everyone is going to write a novel, but writing pieces is just as important. Learning to write in different ways is also important. Sometimes it could be a poem, an article, a blog or maybe just a story we always wanted to write.  Sometimes, it is good to follow our feelings; and with this, journaling helps.

I have been posting more about meditation because that is what my books are all about. Meditation and mindfulness clear our minds and make us intentional when writing. They also help when we want to explore the many different aspects of our lives. Once we learn to accept and acknowledge how we think and feel, the better we are able to handle life in general.

So, write and enjoy.

Submit your writings, art and photos to our ezine and enjoy the rewards. There is nothing better than seeing what you have created in a hard copy for everyone else to see.

Be proud of what you create. Because that is what you are – creative.

Elizabeth Banfalvi


Mississauga Writers Group

Summer 2021