The Mississauga Writers Group has been in existence since January 2013 and we have grown to over 100 members. This is our seventh yearly Word Fest anthology along with our other anthologies

We are a group of writers who have established this forum to share our experiences and pursue our dreams through creativity, knowledge and mutual respect. We want to learn from our strengths and talents and have enjoyable and stimulating conversations that only writers can relate to!

We offer a quarterly ezine and anthologies to our members to have their works published. We are part of Mississauga Arts and Culture community and attend and are part of several local events.

We would love to have writers from our local community join us. All aspiring and established writers are most welcome. We believe we all have something special inside us. Come explore your talent with the Mississauga Writers Group!

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2021 will be a wonderful new time for our group. Our ezine is full of art, photos along with poetry and prose. We are proud to be displaying student art to encourage their creativity.

This year we are proposing to have 4 anthologies and a Young Voices Writing Contest. The pandemic has changed us in so many ways and these anthologies will be presenting some of the ways.

  1. The Power of Youth – Our youth lost their sports and activities last year but they learned how to virtually do their school work. They just did and that is their power is to adapt to whatever they needed to do.  We need to celebrate their power of being who they are no matter what.
  2. Our Voices in Verse 2021 – Our poets’ newest anthology for the year 2021. This is all about poetry and welcoming new and our regular poets.
  3. Our Sunset Years – These are the years we will all have to look forward to and embrace. We live our lives through to come to the point where we can enjoy and live differently.  We are more vulnerable but that is what life is about.  Tell us what and how different you will be or are through your sunset years.
  4. Word Fest, Celebrating our Strengths – We have gone through a very difficult year but we survived. Let us celebrate how we got here and learned to make the best of every situation.  Life is like that – it isn’t always easy so we wake up each morning and do our best.  Let us celebrate our strengths in each moment we have lived this year.

Elizabeth Banfalvi

There are no upcoming events at this time.