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MWG Magazine – Winter 2023

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2023 has begun – a new year and new opportunities. The war in Ukraine is still on but they are standing up to the Russians. A war that should have been so easy has proven to be a major mistake.

We have concluded the year with our usual meetings about what our members would like changed and celebrating our year. Our latest anthology, Word Fest: Celebrating Our Equality, was so well received that I had to order more. We will be holding the contests again so please join us and send in a submission. If you know any youth, let them know they can submit too. We will continue to have live/virtual meetings.

Again, Mark is doing an amazing job on our ezine and it is growing all the time. Make sure that your submissions follow the requirements (prose 750 words and poetry one page). The ezine is quarterly and gives you different opportunities, even for photography.

Let’s all take the time to write how we feel and be able to talk about it. So much is being said about mental health lately so let us be able to talk about what is bothering us. You will soon discover that all of us has something to say.

To the new year and living our life through writing, gathering and making memories with our friends!

Elizabeth Banfalvi


Mississauga Writers Group

January 2023