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MWG Magazine – Spring 2021

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Changes are all around us.

The new year has begun and we had a different way of welcoming it. Nothing seems the same – but the more we practice doing what we are familiar with, the more we can bring a familiarity to it.

Our writing group continues to be very successful in publishing our ezines and anthologies. Mark has taken over and has defined a new style for our ezine, including members’ art and photos in its pages. There is definitely a newness to it.

There is no theme for any issue. Everyone demonstrates their enduring support by their regular submissions of essays, stories, poems, photos and art.

The more we practice writing, the better we hone our craft. I know there are times I find it difficult, but I have learned to allow the flow to come help me find the tools that I want to develop my writing skills.

Take the time to write about what you know but also practice variations in writing. Give different genres, styles and topics a try. Our ezine submission deadlines also train you to present on a timeline, something that is invaluable in all areas of life.

Besides, submitting to our ezines is a great way of getting your work published and seen. More and more people are noticing them, so please recognize their value.

Write, submit, then sit back and enjoy.

Elizabeth Banfalvi


Mississauga Writers Group

Spring 2021