MWG Magazine – Autumn 2021

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What a year we have had already. We are still suffering from the lockdown but we are slowly coming out of it. Our population has mostly gotten vaccinated; but I haven’t. It was a decision I made and it wasn’t popular with some of my family members. But I have always had reactions to so many drugs, even supplements, if they were a certain brand. I am on different medicines for the operations I underwent over the last few years and reacted badly to one of them.

The residential schools and our past history has come back to haunt us; but it should. We need to learn from it and find a way to heal and help our people heal. I was born in Brantford where there is a residential school along with a museum and the Mohawk Chapel. If you ever get a chance to go that way, please do. The Mohawk Chapel is beautiful with modern stained-glass windows depicting its past and the history with the city, “Brant-ford”, where Chief Joseph Brant forded the Grand River.

People continue to reflect on the pandemic but I think we need to move on. We have three contests going on. Let’s all get back into our groove and be our old selves but with a new focus. The pandemic gave us that. We are not the same. We have lost people and been in isolation and so much has happened. So let us rise from the ashes of our former lives and make the best of who and what we are. Today is a new day so let us learn to appreciate everything we have.

Elizabeth Banfalvi


Mississauga Writers Group

Autumn 2021