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MWG Magazine – Spring 2022

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Again, what a year we are having. The war in Ukraine is unbelievable. In this modern time, we should have learned our lesson about war and its brutality, but some haven’t. The war in Afghanistan is still going on. War doesn’t solve anything other than change borders and annihilate people on all sides. All the money spent on missiles and war-faring munitions could be spent on so many positive outlets — but no, we just haven’t learned what we should be doing.

This year, the city has asked us to write on the theme of racism. Isn’t war about that? They may pretend it is something else but it isn’t. When they can shoot an unarmed person in the street, this terrorism is connected to racism. Has history not taught us anything?

This year’s anthology will be an interesting one. We have our three contests again this year as well: Young Voices, Seniors and Poetry. All deadlines are September 30. Winners will get Indigo gift certificates for $100, $75 and $50. The panel of judges will be taken from our membership. If anyone else is interested, please contact me.

Our ezine is definitely growing and it shows. Thank you all for your submissions.

Elizabeth Banfalvi


Mississauga Writers Group

April 2022