Kyle Climans

    Kyle Climans is a freelance writer, video editor, and aspiring filmmaker. He has completed dozens of works in various formats, and has begun to venture into the world of film. After gaining his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa in 2013 (majoring in English), Kyle completed a 1-year postgraduate program in Scriptwriting at Algonquin College. During his studies, Kyle voluntarily wrote several film reviews and articles for both the English and French speaking newspapers associated with the University of Ottawa’s student body. He also participated in an improvisation group which met once a week to practice improv, as well as the 24-Hour Theatre Festival. This festival, set up by the university’s theatre department, arranges for writers to conceive of short plays within twelve hours, only for actors to rehearse said plays within the next twelve hours. The plays are all presented at the 24th hour to the public.

    Following his studies, Kyle moved to Mississauga in 2015 and joined the Mississauga Writers Group in December of that same year. He has been a regular member since his first appearance, and has taken an active role in the group’s expansion. Kyle set up and began maintaining a Twitter page for the Writers Group as their Social Media Coordinator. He also co-wrote, directed, and co-starred in a play held for the 2016 Write On Festival, hosted by the Writers Group. Kyle has also rewritten three independent screenplays, two of which are currently in production. Besides all that, Kyle was first a regular contributor, now made staff writer, of Free Lit Magazine, an online bi-monthly magazine aiming to give creative writers an opportunity to showcase their work.