Nicholas Boving


Nicholas Boving lives in Toronto. As a former mining engineer he has traveled the world widely, spending many years in places such as Nigeria, Guyana and Australia. He is the author and publisher of the “Maxim Gunn” series of action – adventure books for readers of all ages. The second book in the series, “Maxim Gunn and the Demon Plan” was a finalist in the 1998 Crime Writers of Canada, Arthur Ellis Award. Nicholas Boving has also written other novels which follow the central characters to countries and places where the forces of nature as much as people provide the conflict. Read more about Nicholas at

“It is with great sorrow that I inform you all that one of our founding members, my good friend and mentor Nicholas Boving passed away on the 23rd of April after a long and brave battle with leukemia. I have no words to express how sad this makes me feel. Nick had been a great friend to me and had been mentoring me for the last few years. My last three books were both reviewed and edited by him and I was working with him on a new manuscript which I have no idea how I will turn back to now that he is gone.  May Allah grant him the highest place in heaven. Amen.” –  Samna Ghani

“A razor-sharp mind, an amazing writer and a gem of a human being. A huge loss for all of us who knew him and respected and loved him.  I feel very fortunate to have known him for the short time that we was with us. My heartfelt condolences to his family.” –  Jasmine Sawant

“He will always be remembered.  He was a vital part of our beginnings and taught me all about how the first anthology should be.  I sometimes would tell them at the library about him and how we got our library connection and they all knew him and spoke so well of him.  Sincere sympathies to his family.” –  Elizabeth Banfalvi

“Truly, truly heartbreaking news…Really no words … A brilliant writer and a wonderful, wonderful human being… Bye Nick, it was absolutely fantastic knowing you and spending some of our group’s more memorable moments with you…” –  Rashmi Pluscec

“What a sad news! He was a great human being. RIP.   I so agree with Rashmi! Was not too long that period, however I still have beautiful souvenirs about it!  Condolences to his family and friends!” –  Veronica Lerner

“I met him for a short time but I appreciated his talent and smartness.  My condolences to his family!” –  Maria Cecilia Nicu