Love Letter to a Cat

Love Letter to a Cat

My Dearest Most Beautifulest Kitty,

You are a wondrous treasure of unconditional love and warmth. You give 150% back. Here are some reasons why I love you.

  • You need me. You haven’t yet learned to use your can opener or clean your litter box.
  • You forgive me in a flash—even if I accidentally step on your tail.
  • You don’t go to summer camp so there’s always more money for vacations (after deducting the cost of your pet sitter or boarding fee).
  • Your wardrobe is minimal—flea collar and leash. Never saw you in a sweater.
  • Your fur is exquisite to the touch—far better than silk or velvet, and includes the sound of your soft purring.
  • It’s delightful to watch you run and jump.
  • And relaxing to watch you sleep or just sit and stare at the wall.
  • You clean yourself. This is a definite plus when I have to work and can barely find time to finish my chores.
  • Looking into your eyes is an awesome experience, like catching a glimpse of eternity and receiving boundless love.

Hugs & kisses,


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