Autumn 2021 Issue

For Equitable Representation  Dr. Chandrakant Shah
For them and To us    Serina Lewis
Canada, My Home    Elizabeth Banfalvi
 Niagara Falls    Faid Shahabuddeen
Our Playground    Ishrat Chowdury
 Leaning into the Light    Olive Hanna
 She Stoops to Conquer    Savithri Duddu
 Her Crystal Tears    Sajeda Manzoor
 Hewn from a Rock    Miranda Wong
Comforting Hands    Lina Ismail Alhabahbeh
Small Happinesses    Yiren
 The Cow who visited her Doctor    Serina Lewis
The Sprite of Jackson Creek Trail    Nina Munteanu
First Flight    Ava Palazzo

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