On Wiry Canvas

On Wiry Canvas

I have always been interested in human behaviours and how they affect us both positively and negatively.

I find myself pondering on social, political, and environmental issues, the pandemic and the unprecedented circumstances we are in now. These events influence my art, inspire me to bring joy and aesthetics to all.

My style of work, influenced by Uli body painting in eastern Nigeria in its curvilineal forms, gives me the utmost challenge and satisfaction. I wanted something more than painting on a regular canvas and so came up with the idea of irregular shaped, stretched canvases. I am fascinated by the process of bending and maneuvering wires with pliers into meaningful shapes and sewing intricate patterns onto them.

My studies do not need frames. I am always intrigued by the nuanced interpretations given of them.

LOCKDOWN (26 x 12 cm) Mixed media of oil on canvas with metal wires carefully bent around the center disc, depicting a world facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.
VIRTUAL GRADUATION (43 x 45 cm) Mixed media of oil on cloth, and metal. The new norm of virtual graduation ceremonies and every other meeting because of the pandemic meant, last year, my son and I had to attend his university graduation remotely.
THE TIE THAT BINDS (26 x 43 cm) Mixed media of oil on canvas stretched over metal wires. The united international protests against police brutality and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement shows that what binds us together is stronger than what divides us.
REBIRTH (16 x 34 cm) It is well known that after rain, comes sunshine. Whatever chaos we are experiencing today would be transformed into tranquillity. There is that hope for a better, brighter tomorrow.

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