Small Happinesses

Small Happinesses

Whenever I can enjoy some leisure, whether it is after lunch, 15 minutes off work or soap-opera time on the sofa, I like crocheting. A ball of yarn or thread and a hook can turn out to be something so nice that I don’t want to put them away.

My interest in crocheting started when I was a teenager. It was very popular among young girls in the city where I lived. Almost every girl had a hook and a ball of yarn in her pocket wherever she went. When a few met together, they would sit crocheting something while talking. They would share new patterns they knew and showed off their products, making themselves a scene in the place.

I learned to crochet a small window curtain at first. Although I made a mistake in one corner and the curtain could not be spread properly, my mom hung it up on the window. That made me very happy and proud for a long time.

Today, I made two cupholders with some left-over thread. Small and exquisite, they really touched my heart. I imagined putting a glass of green tea on one of them, the tea leaves floating up and down, and the flavor rising in visible vapors.

What a good time!

Life is like that, ordinary and simple, adorned with some small fun things here and there. It is not easy; but as days go by, I’ll value whatever I can.


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