Tag: Lina Ismail Alhabahbeh

Autumn 2021

Comforting Hands

LINA ISMAIL ALHABAHBEH ❏ A voice from sky A voice from heaven Your voice, mother Calls me at nights of tiredness And moments of longing I hear it, I wish you were close to hug you to kiss you But the distances are far So far away, mother Between us are mountains, rivers and oceans And a vast space But you are always here Here with me in my heart I feel you are close, very close

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Summer 2021

In My Mother’s World

LINA ISMAIL ALHABAHBEH ❏ My mother told me since I was young Do not call me Mama in front of an orphan. Do not laugh in front of someone sad. Do not eat apples in front of a poor person.

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