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Autumn 2022

A Diary in the Age of Water

NINA MUNTEANU ❏ Who should read this? Eco-feminists, Al enthusiasts, water activists, post-capitalists, eco-entrepreneurs, environmental policy geeks, science buffs, Maude Barlow.

Kroon’s comments (paraphrased): I am familiar with Nina Munteanu’s work as a sci-fi writer. I see her work as an evolution of classic ecofeminist thought in her acknowledgment of the ongoing struggle of Indigenous leaders (especially women and two-spirit folks) in protecting water, warning the world that water is life and there needs to be respect for water, and respect for women as water-keepers.

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Autumn 2022

On Cold Weather

Cool breeze
From the lake
Touches on bare skin
Soothing effect on my heart
The message that winter is coming
The leaves are becoming pale and brown
About to fall on the ground from trees
Murmuring sound when feet will kiss the fallen leaves
It is time to say good bye to humid summer.

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Autumn 2022

Up in the Air


The cold air hit me as I stepped out of the vehicle with my friends, banishing any trace of sleepiness. We had awaken at an ungodly hour for the ride that took us from the lights of still slumbering glitzy Dubai to the inky vastness of the desert.

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Autumn 2022


PEMA HOU ❏ Life has been a breeze Just enjoying retirement Pottering in the garden Catching up with friends
Spending time with family Relishing a library book Trying out new eateries Learning a new piano piece
Spending time with nature Spending a lot of time with nature!

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