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Winter 2022

Oh, How I Wish…

OLIVE HANNA ❏ I wish that I was dumb and could not speak For then I’d waste no time on useless speech Be tempted not to gossip or to screech beliefs
Just to impress I wish that I was blind and could not see The turmoil and the stress of this poor world The beauties seen, the smell and feel of life Would comfort me

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Winter 2021

What A Robin Taught Me

OLIVE HANNA ❏ In one corner of a rectangular gazebo in my garden, partly hidden by the leaves of a Clematis vine not yet in bloom, I noticed a bird’s nest. When I took a closer look, I saw it was perfectly finished, undamaged and as yet unused. I marveled at the precision and skill of that simple bird whose identity was still unknown to me. I decided not to mention anything to Brad, my gardener, because I knew there was not much he could do about the noise level while he cut the grass. Hoping for the best, I crossed my fingers and continued my garden work.

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Autumn 2021

Leaning into the Light

OLIVE HANNA ❏ Summer mornings are best enjoyed in a warm sunny garden. Add a cup of coffee and, for me, it feels like heaven. Sipping my way along the flower beds, I feel like a detective searching for evidence the perennials have made it through another winter. By mid-May, once the garden outline reappears, I happily settle into a feeling of relief and renewed expectation.

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Summer 2021

Let It Rain

OLIVE HANNA ❏ Lightly pricking Quickly forming droplets On the speckled pane Softly dancing, gaily prancing Jutting, creasing, quite insane Surging swiftly, glutting nift’ly Lagging spreading all around Moving slowly almost threadlike

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Spring 2021

My Garden

OLIVE HANNA ❏ When I was young, my mother said of me, “I don’t know what to do with Olive. She is like many pieces of wool, not enough in any piece to knit anything.” I could not have described myself better. Being good at many things but not great at any perhaps served me best. I see my life as a gift to share: a tapestry of love for people and nature woven by time in a quiet and joyful heart, forever open to change.

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