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Thanks to COVID-19 hype

I’m confined to my home

Saved by electronic gadgets

Walks are dreadful alone

Kids roam free in apartment above

Revved up by grown-up fights

My TV drowns their noise at times

As I chant, “Calm. Breathe. Focus.”

I can opt for an excursion to stores

Be screened at doors for masking

Directed down bare, one-way aisles

Like ants to cash out, and idling

Mental checklist now the norm:

• Bring a mask and bracket ✓

• Enter correct entry doors ✓

• Follow arrows and paths ✓

• Stay within two meters ✓

Or bear the meanest screams

Would COVID-19 get me first

Or fear, or financial ruin?

Swapping my freedom

For conformity, compliance

For my safety or for theirs?

In disarray and covered up

I crave for sanity and hope

Haircuts, dental cleaning

Doctor check-ins and meetups

Would help and are overdue

Blessed that I was spared of

Crime my neighbours weren’t

Masking helped a burglar break in

Where video capture wasn’t

Bombed by numbers: ill and dead

Forced to stay at home and wait

For vaccines half a year away

To free me from these barricades

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