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Autumn 2022

On Cold Weather

Cool breeze
From the lake
Touches on bare skin
Soothing effect on my heart
The message that winter is coming
The leaves are becoming pale and brown
About to fall on the ground from trees
Murmuring sound when feet will kiss the fallen leaves
It is time to say good bye to humid summer.

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Autumn 2022


PEMA HOU ❏ Life has been a breeze Just enjoying retirement Pottering in the garden Catching up with friends
Spending time with family Relishing a library book Trying out new eateries Learning a new piano piece
Spending time with nature Spending a lot of time with nature!

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Autumn 2022

Dear Life

ALI MASRI ❏ So much for knowing how to
avoid conflict without showing it
At worst is coming across weak
or heaven forbid indifferent
for which there’s special blowback
Most of it returning to formality
and eventually severing ties to
live on gossip, but you love them.

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Summer 2022

Vincent Willem van Gogh

FAID SHAHABUDDEEN ❏ As I gazed at van Gogh’s ‘Wheatfield with Crows’ in the Van Gogh Museum I was totally overwhelmed with admiration for this legendary Dutch painter Who devoted his life to showing the world how to find solace By looking at nature the way he did – as portrayed in his paintings

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Summer 2022


PEMA HOU ❏ It was an unforgettable day Attending a prayer session in the monastery Watching a herd of yaks cross the field Mount Everest turning pink at sunset After dinner, I retired to my room Only to find a mouse looking up at me I told the owner in my basic Nepali

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Summer 2022

Celebration Square

SERINA LEWIS ❏ Celebrate good times, c’mon! Celebration Square! It’s summer and here we gather from all corners of ‘Sauga The lot is full, no empty spots as usual Music beckons, like the Pied Piper’s
The stage is set, performers alive and engaging Smells from street vendors make one salivate a mile away the wind wafts aromas of cuisines from around the world

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