Dear Sudha Akka

Dear Sudha Akka

Dr Sudha Iyer


She was the first one in my family, whom I could call Akka (Elder sister). She was full of energy to speak, love and warmth to connect. Her style of saying “Hi”, can never be found anywhere else, for it was filled with joy and eagerness to meet.

Once you meet her, she’s a bundle of happiness, a solutions provider, a listener, and a therapist. A doctorate by education, a leader by profession, a volunteer to the community and a Goddess sent servant to everyone who crossed her path. With her arms stretched and bear hug, she loved everyone unconditionally. She’s the best and sweetest person I could have ever met in this world, just like her name, Sudha. (Nectar).

Dear Sudha Akka, you will be missed by many, and I am one among them. I remember our conversations about health, well-being, Suryanamaskarams (Sun Salutations) that you taught me, women empowerment, Young Indians activities and most of all, your ever smiling face and unending love towards everyone in the family.

Today, if I were to ask, why would Goddess be so quick in taking you to her place! all I thought was, Goddess herself couldn’t stay without you for less than a minute, thus she chose you. You have won Devi’s heart (Goddess’s heart), reached safely to Her world, and here I am trying to be my best, realizing your absence.

You always said, “May Devi”s grace be with you”. Now, with your presence with her and Her grace, together, I hope to see you someday and hug you tight, for one more time.

This seem to be a dream, for never had I thought to write a eulogy for Sudha Akka, at least not so soon. How I wish I could have hugged her for one last time in 2018 or how I wish I could have met her in 2022, for once. Just sometimes, we don’t realise the last time, thus the first impressions matter.

For someone like Sudha Akka, it was never about impressions, but was always about inspiration.

Dr. Mrs. Sudha Iyer, you are an inspiration to live for. Glad I know you and blessed to be your Bejawada Thalli. 🙏

You don’t know whom you have lost, until you know whom you have lost.

📑Savithri Duddu

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