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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is


A house has glitters and gold

Precious marbles and stones

A fancy chandelier

A home is where love coheres

The antique old clock

Reminds the residents time is precious

A house is with a sumptuous wooden door

A huge garage with branded cars four

A home is  with small windows and doors

Where soothing breeze blows and dewdrops pour

Sunrays snuggle and play

Love prevails and adheres

Kisses the lips of every individual

Where the colorful paintings

Give messages

Creativity is a unique skill

It cherishes the souls

The vibrant tulips in the vases

Spread fragrance to feel the essence

Love is a present

A house is with a table gigantic

Where discussed is always poltics

A home is where precious souls

Those with hearts of gold

Sit together and appreciate each other

A house is with several acres backyard

A home is with a small yard

Where roses, tulips, and sunflowers grow

Squirrels jump to and fro

A home is where

Birds sing and the sun rays brighten the days

Where individuals dance together

Moon smiles behind the window

And stars sing a sweet lullaby

A new day will be here

Where fairy tales are real

A day starts with a prayer

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