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Mom & Dad

Mom & Dad

Who said that Mom would be left on a shelf

Teaching and travel, laughter and singing

None so brazen and sure of herself

She’d spend her days, dancing and swinging

She went on a family conspired tour

Hoping for sparks on that hill resort trip

Following her closely went Dad to allure

But missed meeting her and boy, did she flip

Back to the drawing board he did return

Motivated by a special reason

To plan another well-thought-out sojourn

Knowing she was his second cousin

Travelling by train to win her favour

Fingers crossed for love at first sight

To win a bride in this endeavour

As indeed it would be on that fateful night

He was instantly struck by her hour-glass figure

While she didn’t notice he had two left feet

With good looks, charm and apparent vigour

A match was lit on the day they did meet

Getting acquainted by mail with each other

Their missives couldn’t arrive fast enough

Parents made sure they didn’t delay either

Details chalked out and all was set up

Eddie and Bella’s marriage was arranged

Blessed with showers on a summer’s day

Vows were read and rings exchanged

They were united for life on the third of May

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