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Moment To Moment

Moment To Moment

Moment to moment

with every breath

every inhale and exhale,

no longer the same.

A little foetus

inside the womb

cells multiplying exponentially,

a new human being.

Even a shadow

is never static

it lengthens or shortens

with every passing second.

Watch a cloud

high in the sky

shapeshifting as you gaze

till you no longer know it.

A thought in your mind

like a monkey

from branch to branch

so difficult to control.

Every new season

(such a joy)

experience the transitions

expected yet fresh.

Each nanosecond

passing by

without our awareness

from conception to death.

So, did it begin

from the Big Bang

or was there a before

that we know little about?

Believe it or not

you’re not who you were

when you started to read this –

it has been quietly happening.

This moment changed you.

Do you feel it too?

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