Quiet Blooms

Early spring is like a roller coaster – warmth and cold occur unexpectedly. Yesterday, a cold wind hit me on the face with snow kernels. Today, I went for a walk with only a shirt and a jacket. Some people even came out in their summer clothes. The snow that had been shoveled and piled on the lawn is now completely gone.

The grass is half withered and half green, although it’s not newborn spring green yet. However, I have new blooms to cast my eyes on! Haha! Surprise came from the edge of the lawn: when I was stepped out of the door this morning, I noticed a few flower buds. And when I went out to see them this afternoon, they were already blooming! Wow, beautiful!

Even the tulips, famous for their spring blooms, showed tips of their leaves in the flower bed. Ah, after a long, gray winter, I am eager for the light of spring. These small, tender flowers inspire me tremendously.

Flowers bloom quietly. Spring comes quietly. But I want to sing loudly.


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