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Autumn 2022

A Diary in the Age of Water

NINA MUNTEANU ❏ Who should read this? Eco-feminists, Al enthusiasts, water activists, post-capitalists, eco-entrepreneurs, environmental policy geeks, science buffs, Maude Barlow.

Kroon’s comments (paraphrased): I am familiar with Nina Munteanu’s work as a sci-fi writer. I see her work as an evolution of classic ecofeminist thought in her acknowledgment of the ongoing struggle of Indigenous leaders (especially women and two-spirit folks) in protecting water, warning the world that water is life and there needs to be respect for water, and respect for women as water-keepers.

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Winter 2021

In A Storm Of Elements

NINA MUNTEANU ❏ What a marvelous few days we’ve had here in the Kawarthas! So much snow but also sun and hail and wind … I just HAD to walk in it all and experience it. It started with a sudden hail then light snow followed by sunshine. But even as the sun shone, more snow fell. The stubborn river kept glinting in the sunlight. Huge flakes fluttered down and the river sparkled. Some trees lit up like torches behind the thick snowflakes.

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Autumn 2021

The Sprite of Jackson Creek Trail

NINA MUNTEANU ❏ It was a cold November day as I wandered the endangered Jackson Creek old-growth forest. Centuries old cedar, pine and hemlock towered above me. The trees creaked and groaned, swaying in a mischievous wind. I sighed with the thought that this ancient forest might soon disappear to the encroaching housing development.

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