Talk about strange things happening in my family. My grandparents and mother were all born in Hungary where it was quite common to have psychic people. Scorpios were claimed to be like that the most; and both my mother and grandmother were born under the sign.

In those days, there were two board games that came out – Ouija and Séance Board Games. Talk about some spiritual happenings that people didn’t know were going to happen. My cousin was in high school and one of his friends died. So, he and his friends decided to have a Séance to see if they could connect with their dead friend. You have to remember this opens up the dark side of spirituality – like opening a door and letting all the spirits through. Well, they sat around a table and did as told by the board game and then their dead friend did come through my cousin. I don’t know all that happened but when it stopped, all of them were scared senseless. They stayed up all night because they were so scared. When my aunt found out what my cousin did, she told him off. Guess they didn’t try that again.

My Scorpio mother got a Ouija Board. Usually, you need more than one person at it but not her. She did it all by herself, talking to it like it was her best friend. By this time, my sister and I had moved away and she and my father lived alone in the Sudbury area. Their twenty-fifth anniversary was coming up so, as a joke, my mother asked the Ouija Board what my father was buying her for it. The board said a diamond ring. My mother laughed because they didn’t have much money. Over and over, however, she asked until finally, my father got mad, walked past her into the next room, came back and slammed the small box down in front of her and told the board if it ever told her that again, he, a Taurus, would break it in half. She opened the box and there inside was a diamond ring. After that, when she asked the board what my dad was going to buy her, it said he couldn’t tell her because Alex, my father, would break it in half.

Of course, there was a dark side to it too. The woman upstairs asked my mother if they (the woman and her husband) were going on vacation. Everyone was doing that with my mom. Now she was becoming the local psychic with her Ouija board. So, the next time she got the board out, she asked if (the woman and her husband) were going on a vacation. The board said no because Steve was going to die. My mother was shocked. Not only was the husband to this woman called Steve but also my aunt’s husband too. My mother asked which Steve? It said both within a short time. It wasn’t long before one died and then the other 2 weeks later. My mother put the board away and didn’t touch it for a while.

Since we lived in Brantford we would go and visit my parents outside of Sudbury several weekends in the year. I tried to do the board with my mother but it felt like my fingers were melting into the indicator so I didn’t touch the board after that. In the summer, I asked my mother to ask we would see them in the fall. It said no because I would lose a child. I was pregnant at the time and it was about a month later when I lost it. I never asked it anything after that.

My father had a stroke and we went to visit him in the hospital. He was in a comma but my youngest crawled up on the bed and asked me if he could tell him about school. Of course, I said yes. My son just sat there talking to my father and all of a sudden, my father started to laugh. It was the only real movement we saw with my father. My sister wanted to stay another day but I refused. I had to get home but I didn’t know why. The next morning my husband was shaking me awake. The hydro had gone out and no matter how he changed the plugs it just sparked and didn’t come on. He went to work and I sat and had a cup of tea. I looked up at the clock on the wall and I thought my father had died but I didn’t want to believe it. I put it out of my mind and got ready for work. By noon, the office manager came to tell me that my father had died. So, I went home and started preparing for the funeral. After the funeral was all, over my mother came out onto her veranda and the flowers that my father had given her were in full bloom for the second time. They used to only bloom once. The flowers in my garden hadn’t bloomed in two years and were now in full bloom.

There were so many other strange occurrences but these were the most memorable. Would I have had them not happen? No. They taught me about the circle of life in which we are all involved.

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