You Will Be Found

You Will Be Found


Satya developed Blogic to connect people who shared the same interests, but without any display of pictures and contact numbers – like for a blind date. The two who connected had to meet at Dialogue in the Dark, a restaurant in the city where patrons dined in the dark, served by the visually impaired who ‘see’ in absence of light.

If two people met based on their common interests and did not see each other but shared a table of food, could they fall in love? Will this Blogic work? She put out a request and received a number of responses from people willing to try the app and later share their experience using it. She herself joined, without taking advantage of any administrative privileges.

Bling! A notification popped up on her phone screen. Noname7 wanted to connect with her, Noname5. The app showed that the two had common hobbies and interests.

The two Nonames chatted for a while. Discussion went from hi and hello to weather and food. The condition not to share names and contacts was followed because, once the app recognized the breach, the connection was going to be blocked. Further, the individual’s login would be disabled for seventy-two hours.

While they were chatting about Netflix binge watching, and weird and friendly conversations, there came a popup. Reservation time. Soon the two agreed and booked a table for the very next day, it being the one-week testing phase of the app. They did not want to lose contact.

Satya was all excited. Her new app was being used. She herself was a member and had scored a “Blogic date” in a day! She held herself back from searching the database for Noname7.

Finally, she was inside Dialogue in the Dark. The restaurant had no lights, so she needed to be held and walked to the table. A chair was pulled, and it was not easy to settle down, for she could not see a bit of light anywhere. In a few minutes, she heard another chair being pulled and realized it was Noname7. It was to be an hour date with standard menu options to eat and drink, based on the interests each specified in the app. The conversation became more appealing. The two were listening keenly to each other. Satya started to like the conversation style and voice of Noname7. The hour passed by swiftly and it was time to leave. She left first. Afterwards, both chose to let the other see their contact numbers on the app. Satya decided to share hers on her way back home.

After an hour, she received the message: Congratulations! Noname7 also consented to share his contact number with you. Excited, she tapped the number to call. There was no response. Again she tried. She rechecked the number and noticed the real name beside the alias: Sarang. Her husband! She was surprised to see the name, verified the message and realized it was indeed his mobile. Just then, the doorbell rang. But she knew he was going to be home late as he had said he had an important meeting with a client. When she opened the door, Sarang had a surprised face too. They did not realize that they were part of their own app connection.

Their conversation was interesting when they did not know each other. They were respectful, mindful and most of all loving, without biases. Now, with the name and face connected, the memory of it caused her to realize that wherever they might go, they were going to end up with each other, always and forever. Blogic worked. Among all those who registered for the test, Satya and Sarang ended up together.

As they hit the bed, she wrote in her diary, “True Love will find you in the end.”

In the spookiest ways.

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