All That Is Born

All That Is Born

All that is born
must die
But this was
never born

It was a unity
of bondage
A relationship
so unequal

Every stone
he threw hurt
And the hole
grew bigger

All that is
left of me
Is a whole
And nothing is
left of me
But a hole

There is a
lifetime of hurt
A lifetime of

And no forgiveness

Only time will
heal these wounds

A master cannot
become an equal
A master cannot
be a friend

I hate not my master
I wish him no ill

Only free me
of him
Give him all
he wants

All that is born
must die
And that which
is dead
Cannot be

There must
have been
Moments of peace

Suckling a baby
A baby’s smile
Some hope
some happiness

A child’s
My pride in him
my pride in her

Some warmth
some joy
Some hope
a home

And I am
the mother.

To be a wife
a slave
But not
a beloved

Or an equal
was not
My heaven
anyone’s heaven

My heaven

A smile on
Jay’s lips
A song in
Sagun’s heart
Work well done
by Suneet
Raja’s joy
in his art

📑parveen kaur  November 1987

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