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Spring 2022

All That Is Born

PARVEEN KAUR ❏ All that is born must die But this was never born It was a unity of bondage A relationship so unequal Every stone he threw hurt And the hole grew bigger All that is left of me Is a whole And nothing is left of me But a hole

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Winter 2022

Who Gets The Cake?

PARVEEN KAUR ❏ My younger brother Lali was born on March 17, 1946. It was his fourth birthday. We were in Jallandhar. He was in an English medium school where the sons and daughters of rich people went. My mother, Pushpa, had gone to his school and invited all the twenty children of his class to his birthday party. On that auspicious day, the dining room was decorated with balloons and buntings. Kiddy bags were filled with goodies for the little guests to take back home.

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Winter 2021

Majh, My Buffalo

PARVEEN KAUR ❏ “Oh, my God! Look at her, you have given birth to the ugliest girl on earth,” said my father’s mother, Karam Kaur, when I was born. My mother Pushpa was only twenty. She had a two-year-old toddler, Minna. Pushpa was young, hopeful and a day dreamer. She had a son already; now she wanted a daughter. All through her nine months of pregnancy, she dreamt of having the most beautiful daughter who would look like the apsaras of Ajanta and Aalora caves. My mother was such a romantic.

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Summer 2021

Trials & Tribulations

PARVEEN KAUR ❏ trials and tribulations of a WOMAN who has served the family her man and her children his parents and his siblings her parents her siblings for sixty years in return for food and shelter status and security yet unpaid labour women sit at home and eat

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