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The Unforgettable Titanic

The Unforgettable Titanic


White Star’s wondrous superliner, the RMS Titanic,
Left Southampton, England, for New York City,
Eleven decades ago – on April 10, 1912;
With brief stops in France and Ireland,
Before navigating its maiden voyage
Across the treacherous North Atlantic Ocean. 

The luxury, beauty and elegance on board was incomparable;
As the ship offered the finest and most ornate decor,
With its first and second class facilities, 
Being above the standards of rival transatlantic vessels, 
With their impressive ambience, service and comfort. 

Wealthy first-class passengers would descend 
An ornate, elegant and most welcoming Grand Staircase,
Before relaxing in a luxuriously ambient Reception Room. 

Then entering the regally elegant first-class Dining Saloon,
Enjoying a most sumptuous and satisfying dinner,
In the company of family members and friends.

Thereafter returning to the adjacent Reception Room, 
For coffee, refreshments and after-dinner music – 
Totally oblivious of the passage of time. 

And as the ship plowed through the freezing ocean,
It resolutely cruised at a speed of 22 knots,
Despite ominously imminent warnings 
From wireless sources of entering an iceberg zone. 

Suddenly, in an unusually calm sea,
Lookouts in the crow’s nest spotted an huge iceberg,
And despite reversing engines to reduce its speed,
And desperately trying to veer to the left,
The legendary ship broadsided the iceberg,
Rupturing several compartments near the bow,
And sealing its fate to hopelessly sink into the ocean. 

And as crew members began launching lifeboats,
The Titanic musicians came out with much alacrity on deck,
Resolutely entertaining much distressed passengers,
With their most melodious renditions – 
Until moments before the ship sank –
Hoping to assuage their immense anxiety,
Despite the mayhem and occasional paroxysm,
As they sought to escape the freezing abyss of a watery doom.     

And due to grossly insufficient lifeboats,
Being launched way below capacity;
Some 1500 passengers and crew members perished, 
After floating in unrelenting agony
in the freezing Ocean, 
Some four hundred miles south of Newfoundland. 

While only about 700 folks, waiting  in lifeboats – 
Who witnessed the huge ship splitting in half and sinking – 
Were rescued by the summoned liner Carpathia,
After receiving distress signals from Titanic’s wireless room. 

📑Faid shahabuddeen

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