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Life has been a breeze 
Just enjoying retirement
Pottering in the garden
Catching up with friends
Spending time with family
Relishing a library book 
Trying out new eateries
Learning a new piano piece
Spending time with nature
Spending a lot of time with nature!

Things flow smoothly in harmony
Until one day… the stars collide
Life events happen simultaneously
Some happy, some sad
Leading to less time, more errands to run
Less sleep, more anxiety.

A bout of sleepless nights
Body rattled by too much activity, stress
Then THUD!
A stumble one early morning 
Buckling on my right knee on the hard floor
As the wall swings by me 
My body feeling like lead
I pitch forward helplessly
Face down, eyes wide open, on to a sofa
Miraculously covered by a fluffy duvet
That awful, out-of-control feeling 
So quickly over yet lingering in some corner of my mind
A harsh reminder that my nemesis has returned

Darn vertigo!

📑Pema Hou

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