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Our Playground

Our Playground


I was sitting in a park near a brook below

I heard thousands of melodious sounds

Songbirds, chirping birds, whispering of winds all around

It is a nature’s precious gift for me and you

The splashing and bubbling sound of flowing water

From the brook where I sat in my leisure day

I listen to the chitchat of brook and pebbles

Like a melodious song singing on its way

Showers in April invite the kingdom of flowers

Daffodils, crocus, peonies and hanging cherries

Different shades of colours that make us merry

All come to adorn the spring with their vibrant colours

The birds around me hopped and played

They are always so restless and cheerful I see

But they look in good mood and very satisfied

With their movements around me

The hosts of daffodils at the hill side is not far from here

They love to display their yellow bright colour

All the flowers look happy breathing fresh breezy air

The earth becomes a playground after the harsh winter

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