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Spring 2023


ISHRAT CHOWDHURY &10063; We spent eighteen years in the Middle East in different places. My late husband was a banker as an assigned staff who got posted around. He often visited Oman. However, this was my first trip.

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Autumn 2022

On Cold Weather

Cool breeze
From the lake
Touches on bare skin
Soothing effect on my heart
The message that winter is coming
The leaves are becoming pale and brown
About to fall on the ground from trees
Murmuring sound when feet will kiss the fallen leaves
It is time to say good bye to humid summer.

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Spring 2022

Kariya Park

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ Kariya Park. It is the heart of Mississauga. It is situated at the south of Square One shopping Mall. The park features Japanese style gardens, pavilion, magnolia, cherry trees, rhododendrons, hydrangea, daffodils, tulips and several sculptures gifted to us By Kariya City in 2001. The Japanese garden “delights the senses and challenges the soul” as well as creates a sense of balance and aesthetics. It was officially opened in 1992 on the eleventh anniversary of our twin relationship with Kariya City. It was started after World War 2 in 1960. The idea was to connect cities over the World to reduce the conflicts and coldness among them. It was to create awareness among the citizens.

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Winter 2022

In the Louvre

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ Anushka was very fond of visiting every museum in the world whenever she found an opportunity. She was from an affluent family so she did not have to worry about spending money. She visited the Louvre Museum before a couple of times, Bata Museum in Canada, Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Guernica, Prado and other museums in Spain, London, America, Italy and Egypt with her parents. After she did her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, she wanted to visit them alone, having plenty of time on her hands.

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Winter 2022

Melting Snow

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ Melting snow melting snow I am melting now and time to go From a form of snowman Different figures to vast land I want to clear the path for spring For leaves, flowers and song birds to sing Last year I came down on earth Far away from the Northern part

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Winter 2022

Brumal Days

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ Dark and gloomy Cold temperature comes round often Snow becomes hard and slippery Freezing rain, black ice on roads But there is a beauty behind all White flurries and falling snow looks heavenly beautiful

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Winter 2021

The Great Debate

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ I was sitting in a quiet corner of a park, enjoying the cool breeze from the lake when I heard a hot debate from a nearby thick bush. I wondered who was there. I did not see any humans around. I was curious and listened keenly.

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Autumn 2021

Our Playground

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ I was sitting in a park near a brook below, I heard thousands of melodious sounds, Songbirds, chirping birds, whispering of winds all around, It is a nature’s precious gift for me and you.

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Summer 2021

Spring Around The World

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ Coo! Coo! On an early morning, a cuckoo is spreading the good news. Spring is here! Get up and get ready! Adorn yourself with colourful dress and garland, earring and tiara, all types of ornament made of marigold flowers.

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Spring 2021

You’re My Cup of Tea

ISHRAT CHOWDHURY ❏ Years ago I saw him for the first time at our tea party He was my brother Abel’s old childhood buddy Mother asked me to bake a chocolate cake Cookies, nimki and samosa to make Mother made some other delicious dish Aromatic and well prepared per our wish.

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