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Trials & Tribulations

Trials & Tribulations

trials and tribulations
of a


who has served the family
her man and her children
his parents and his siblings
her parents
her siblings
for sixty years
in return for food and shelter
status and security
yet unpaid labour
women sit at home
and eat
doing nothing
are not bringing in any cash
is the verdict!
she is of no use to anybody
they feel they owe
her nothing
she is stricken with
terminal illness
no one is there for her
she is useless
she is worthless
sooner she departs
the better
lift her from this earth
take her away
her suffering is unbearable
sooner she departs the better
her children pray
her husband prays
she laughs
at her folly
for creating such progeny
for nurturing such a man
is the whole world like that!
she wonders
do not cry
she tells herself
be happy
you were of service

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