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Vincent Willem van Gogh

Vincent Willem van Gogh

As I gazed at van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows in the Van Gogh Museum
I was totally overwhelmed with admiration for this legendary Dutch painter
Who devoted his life to showing the world how to find solace
By looking at nature the way he did – as portrayed in his paintings

And despite his shortcomings, eccentricity and hopeless level of poverty
He never compromised his enormous work ethic and passionate dedication
Towards creating the most impressionable oil-painted masterpieces
Of beautiful and vivid landscapes, still life and portraits
By consistently portraying his spirit, soul and depth of feelings on canvas
While being inspired by Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Corot and Millet

And as I looked at the humble subjects in his Potato Eaters
I was painfully reminded of the enormous struggle, adversity and hardship
This famous Dutch painter endured on a daily basis
Despite earning almost nothing from his numerous works of art
Except a single painting he managed to sell during his lifetime

And while being dazzled by the beauty of his Almond Blossoms and Irises
I couldn’t help wondering how van Gogh found the energy and inspiration
Despite the harsh reality of his daily struggle to survive
To consistently create these monumental works of exquisite artistry
That will remain part of the souls of art lovers for generations to come
While being enjoyed daily by visitors in various museums of the world

It is glaringly obvious from a glimpse into the reality of his life story
That he never strove for wealth, fame or a very comfortable existence
But simply the desire for the intrinsic pleasure
Of delighting mankind, especially the poor and wretched
With his most impressionable perceptions of reality

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