Tag: Faid Shahabuddeen

Summer 2022

Vincent Willem van Gogh

FAID SHAHABUDDEEN ❏ As I gazed at van Gogh’s ‘Wheatfield with Crows’ in the Van Gogh Museum I was totally overwhelmed with admiration for this legendary Dutch painter Who devoted his life to showing the world how to find solace By looking at nature the way he did – as portrayed in his paintings

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Winter 2021

Lest We Forget

FAID SHAHABUDDEEN ❏ It is so sad to remember every year | How many members of our Armed Forces | Lost their lives fighting their enemies | On land, sea and in air | During the First and Second World Wars

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Autumn 2021

Niagara Falls

FAID SHAHABUDDEEN ❏ A beautiful and heavenly creation on earth, Gradually evolved since the last ice age, Such is the magnificent splendor of Niagara Falls, A MOST SPECTACULAR AND IMPRESSIVE SIGHT.

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Summer 2021

After This . . .

FAID SHAHABUDDEEN ❏ The psyche of the world has changed; Surely, there’s no doubt about this. Even if we get through this pandemic Without any further loss of lives, Melancholic memories of loved ones,

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Spring 2021

That Starry Night

FAID SHAHABUDDEEN ❏ I could never forget the sadness in her eyes Her most alluring accent and French fragrance That starry night I met her on Myrtle beach boardwalk As we engaged in a lengthy conversation That seemed to last forever.

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