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In Winter, Hope

In Winter, Hope


It’s all light and dark
My dazed mind and subtle heart
Nurtured in shadows
Thoughts turn to dreams
Abandoned memories decay
As dormant emotions depart

It’s all crystal clear
Desire, regret, love and fear
Spoken shamelessly
Blatant lies poison the soul
Behind each fancy mask
I see real faces, dark

Where to go now
As you are gone elsewhere?
What to remember now
As you belong to someone else?
Behind the veils, I hear you
As you ask me to stay

I can still drag myself
To reach out for you
But what to remember
Won’t be a choice anymore
I would stay there by you
If you hold me in your eyes

Let there be moon to face me
Face to face – to shine upon my face
Let there be all dark around us
All around us to carry us
It will all be light and dark
The moon, me and our scars

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