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Spring’s Bouquet

Spring’s Bouquet

COVID-19 and Omicron
The worst enemies
Of 2020 and 2021
They snatched
The peace of every nation

Covered face
Fear of a monstrous virus
Frustration in common
Made us confined

Scary shadows
Long exile
Hugs and kisses
Were quiet
Angels were in disguise

The dance of nature
Never stopped
Soothing breeze kissed
Every soul
Sunshine reminded us
Don’t be overwhelmed
Bad times have to go

Blessings are divine
And will demolish the ugly foes
Every soul will shine
Nations will cheer –
All the viruses will disappear

The fragrance of spring
Is in the air
This generation will grow
Masks all blown away
Smiles on faces will take over

The sprouts will kiss each other
Without hindrance and fear
The gift of New Year sun’s rays are here
Spring bouquets
Will be held by every individual

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