CREDIT: S. Duddu

Looking at the sun set on the New Year’s Eve, reflecting on the 2021 that passed by like an Instagram reel, repeating itself month over month with lockdown partially, and yet motivating to look for more, all happened in a span of 12 months. Yes! a year is of 12 months, whether we live inside the house or outside. (Just for laughs!)

The Sun set that said, rest for today and wait for a best tomorrow, because there’s every possibility for the opportunities to provide chances of winning. Interesting it is in the Law of war; a sunset clause does exist from ages. One sunset that defines about today’s strengths may not be the same tomorrow. A time that’s given to both the parties to recoup and come back for a better day, maybe to withdraw war or win the war. While there’s no Law of love, sun set does draw attention of the love birds to share warmth and care for a joyful tomorrow. Whether a clause exists or not, all the struggle is to build Hope wherever possible. A hope of a beautiful life which we anticipate.

Sun did go nowhere but to the other side of the world, to brighten lives and give hope. Ask me how I know, and it’s because, the New Years Eve in EST (Eastern Standard Time) is the time of New Years lunch for CHADT (Chatham Islands Territory, New Zealand) and thus the Hope dwells to double.

Not only the sunset that gives hope, but a good observation speaks of people and objects that arise Hope in all capabilities, through the day. The ability to breathe, says about the life within to be hopeful, for it did not stop when we slept last night. The food, clothing and shelter arise hope of being safe and secure because of the longevity that they offer to the life. The job, the money and the hobbies offer hope of wellbeing. The happy and sad tears around the conversations from friends and family build the hope of a worthy life to live, every day. Did this turn out to be a Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory, which is the base for a hopeful living and being, I hope not, for the self-actualization is a process to cherish.

The people of Norwegian town, Tromso, living 200 miles from Arctic circle, where the sun does not rise, have found ways to live life joyfully. A student’s exploration lead to an understanding about people being accustomed to the Polar Night, as there’s no sun light from November to January. These are the people who have organized their life with duties, friends and families, fun events are all proven to be of growth mindset, where the belief system on intelligence and traits can be developed over sustained efforts and time. Where there’s no hope, there’s a learning of acceptance.

The sun is coming back tomorrow, my friend is going to call me today and my family is going to sit for supper together, are all the Hopes that I wish to carry for now.

Looking forward for a New Year, along with the learnings to mask up and maintain physical distance, being hopeful for a happy me and a happy you in 2022.

Stay Healthy. Stay Hopeful. Stay Happy.

Happy You Year – 2022.

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