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And Me Alone

And Me Alone

It was through lessons – of deceit, heartbreak, betrayal, inner turmoil facing self-criticism and the disdain from critics of my naivety, and re-direction to self-love and forgiveness – that I wrote this. It was my attempt to put my plight somewhat in perspective…


My mother said not to sway
Or give my heart away
I’d get hurt real bad
Or worse, lose it all
and get strapped in hell
If only I listened then
I wouldn’t get hurt again
For when I gave so much
hoping for eternal love
I didn’t know
any better

With my heart on my sleeve
I went all out and loved
Only to be knocked down. Darn
reality hurts so much
Time to climb out of this hole
I put myself in deep
I steered towards it full speed
Not knowing when I’d land –
frail and bruised
alone again

Was it worth it to love
and hold dear this love so much?
My eyes now clear and dry
There’s no point to cry
for someone not worthwhile
God woke me up to see
I’m better off clear and free
to live and love myself
wait for someone else
deserving. Naive me
but free  

But questions remain.

  • To what extent must a person pay to find the right partner and soulmate?
  • What hope is there for a broken me or others to recover and start afresh?
  • Where will life take me?
  • Is there salvation for the wounded?
  • How would you view my plight?
  • Can I ever trust myself again with my decisions?
  • Would I and could I have faith to love again?

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