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You And Me

You And Me

At the beginning, life felt like roses. I looked forward to what the next day would bring. Each passing day, anticipation, excitement, hope, joy and mystery greeted me. I felt gratitude and blessed to be with you, a man I believed was my dream come true. I looked forward to learning more about you as our time together went on, and felt that we were a true unit. I saw ahead of us the chance to grow, both individually and together…


It’s you I want my eyes
to glaze on at first light
It’s you I want to be next to
in need and in exhilaration

Through you I find me
the one not fed, not seen
and void of youth, forced
absence of kindness, peace
humility, love and grace

I wake, starving for more
I yearn, to be seen, to feel
to grow, to live for more
and to see another day

Through you I feel the promise
of one to become, to grow into
plus an apparent need, refreshingly new
to become one, to grow old with  

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