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Dear Life

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Dear Life

So much for knowing how to
avoid conflict without showing it
At worst is coming across weak
or heaven forbid indifferent
for which there’s special blowback
Most of it returning to formality
and eventually severing ties to
live on gossip, but you love them.

Imagine pulling a rabbit out of a hat
I mean literally to stop a family fight
between men brawling over
a weekend slight, but at heart
it’s every mean word since childhood.

(The rabbit kicks me and runs
I catch him out of sight yelling
“He’s at the front door!”
Which I open to leave forever)

You come back to six feet of cement
poured over a nurtured hot spring then
waste years waiting for steam to crack
through the slab, dreaming of wailing
out loud while pounding at the mortar
with a mighty hammer for dear life and
wishing they’d join you in this violence.

📑Ali Masri

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