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The Great Debate

The Great Debate


I was sitting in a quiet corner of a park, enjoying the cool breeze from the lake when I heard a hot debate from a nearby thick bush. I wondered who was there. I did not see any humans around. I was curious and listened keenly.

¶ I have a great power. My readers can fly near the moon

Can walk above a forest or the water on an Ocean.

I make them talk to zebra, deer, bear, lion or tiger.

They can fly like birds and run as fast as cheetah or jaguar.

You know how popular the story of Harry Potter is?

My readers love to read it one after another still they finish.

¶ It is all of your imaginations like cats and bulls story.

Nobody will believe you like they always believe me.

You do not tell a story or incident with fact or history.

You take the readers to other worlds imaginary.

¶ Enough is enough! I warn you not to say any more.

I help children to interpret, imagine and infer.

You simply tell the fact or story in a boring way!

I keep a blank space to ask my readers to fill it up

With their creativity or imagination – to fill the gap.

¶ I give my readers the right photograph, information

Idea, labels, table of contents and captions

I let them know the true story and academic vocabulary

Maps, charts and graphs without any difficulty.

I could not resist and asked them to stop the argument.

And startled, they asked, “You were listening to our debate?”

Yes I did; but I want to tell you that both of you are right.

Fiction is enjoyable to read and think after we finish it.

We can get relief from our hectic and monotonous life

With creating a beautiful imagination of characters alive.

Non-fiction is very important to survive in this world

To know the truth of everything with every hidden fold.

We need both of you as our dear friends.

I want you to help us like sweet cocktail blends.

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