That Starry Night

Faid Shahabuddeen

I could never forget the sadness in her eyes  
Her most alluring accent and French fragrance
That starry night I met her on Myrtle beach boardwalk
As we engaged in a lengthy conversation
That seemed to last forever

She told me she was from Croatia, in Eastern Europe
And that she was visiting South Carolina
To see a very sick aunt, weeks away from dying
And how very sad she was to say farewell
To a most kindhearted and loving relative

From the warmth of her sad melting eyes
I could tell she was enjoying my company
And the harmonious chemistry between us
And as we conversed during the night
Her voice faded to little more than a whisper
While we sat on a wooden bench on the boardwalk

As the sadness in her eyes gradually lessened in intensity
I realized her sorrow was being assuaged by my presence
And the moral support I was offering her with consoling words
In order to alleviate the distress she was enduring

And it brought great joy to my heart and soul
To see her a little happier than earlier that evening
Especially when she thanked me for being there for her
During her moments of sad and gloomy rumination

She told me her dying aunt Zora was very special to her
As she brought her up and cared for her, from the age of four
After her parents died in a tragic car accident
And she, an only child, suddenly became an orphan

While having lunch a few days later
I presented her a sterling silver necklace
“Oh, you’re such a gentleman. I love it,” she said
“It’s my pleasure,” I replied. “I’m happy you like it.”
And we agreed to communicate with each other
Despite the enormous distance apart

As the months went by, after she returned home
We wrote letter after letter to each other
While anticipating the moment we would meet again

During the following summer, we met in Barcelona
Where we enjoyed two weeks of happiness
Wining and dining in the trendy Las Ramblas
In addition to double-decker sightseeing
And the most heavenly moments of physical intimacy

After my proposal to her in front of the Sagrada Familia
I showed her a most beautiful diamond ring
And she promised to marry me after she obtained a new US visa
Stretched out her elegant fingers, and accepted the ring
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