You’re My Cup of Tea

Ishrat Chowdury

Years ago I saw him for the first time at our tea party  
He was my brother Abel’s old childhood buddy
Mother asked me to bake a chocolate cake
Cookies, nimki and samosa to make
Mother made some other delicious dish
Aromatic and well prepared per our wish

All the guests showed up at the right time
I opened the door as I heard the door chime
Then there came my brother’s old chum
He looked tall, dark and very handsome
My brother Abel was very happy to see him
They used to play in the same soccer team

He introduced himself as a friend of Abel
All the goodies were served on the table
We took good care of all the guests
Preparing, serving all, we tried our best
Suddenly, I heard a very gentle voice
“May I have a cup of tea, please?”

I poured him freshly steaming brew
I smiled and asked him, “One or two?”
One lump of sugar I dropped in his cup
Then I caught him bravely looking up
I felt a shiver and warmth on my face
Quietly and hurriedly, I left the place

These forty years now I’m making his tea
With all my love and respect as it should be
We have ups and downs in our lives
We face them courageously as we survive
I never forget our first meeting, and your gentle voice
Still resonating in my ears
“May I have a cup of tea, please?”

– Inspired by Edgar West

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