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Melting Snow

Melting Snow

Melting snow melting snow
I am melting now and time to go
From a form of snowman
Different figures to vast land

I want to clear the path for spring
For leaves, flowers and song birds to sing
Last year I came down on earth
Far away from the Northern part

Different forms of me in different nature
In the months of winter in freezing temperature
I can be hard like rock and soft like duvet
I remain on earth as long as I can stay

Now it is time I am going to melt steadily
Part of me will go inside the earth thoroughly
To make the farming land soft to plough easily
Rest of me I will rush to meet the Oceans avidly
Through creeks, lakes, rivers and seas hurriedly

On my way I will carry all dirt and twigs from places
And will create floods in some villages
I will reveal some hidden and lost things
On earth as a true witness for you to see

I will come again in every winter
To complete the cycle of Nature like every year

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