Table of Contents

You’re My Cup of Tea   Ishrat Chowdury
That Starry Night   Faid Shahabuddeen
In Moumita   Ishrat Chowdury
Caffeine Rush   Vidya Vasant Gopaul
Mom & Dad   Serina Lewis
How He met My Mother   Elizabeth Banfalvi
Love Letter to a Cat   Frances Frommer
My Garden   Olive Hanna
For Love of Peace   Savithri Duddu
Warmth of Winters Past   Yiren
Wish List   Sajeda Manzoor
Hope   Sajeda Manzoor
Namaste   Serina Lewis
On Wiry Canvas   Jane Nwakoby
Happy Birthday to Me   Yiren
Confined   Miranda Wong
My Reins   Miranda Wong
We See Your Efforts: A Poster   Zizi Ohia

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